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Human Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF) ELISA Kit

Human Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF) ELISA Kit

Human Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF) ELISA Kit
Human Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF) ELISA Kit

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SPAN
Certification: PDGF
Model Number: PDGF
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 KIT
Price: U$300/Kit
Packaging Details: 96T/Kit
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal
Supply Ability: PDGF
Detailed Product Description

This kit is used to assay the Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF)in thesample of Human ’s serum, blood plasma, and other related tissue Liquid.
Test principle
The kit uses a double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) to assay the level of Human Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF)insamples. Add Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF) to monoclonal antibody Enzymewell which is pre-coated with Human Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF)monoclonalantibody, incubation; then, add Platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF)antibodieslabeled with biotin, and combined with Streptavidin-HRP to form immune complex;then carry out incubation and washing again to remove the uncombined enzyme.Then add Chromogen Solution A, B, the color of the liquid changes into theblue, And at the effect of acid, the color finallybecomes yellow. Thechroma of color and the concentration of the Human Substance Platelet-derivedgrowth factor(PDGF)of sample were positively correlated.【Materials supplied in the Test Kit】
1Standard(24ng/ml)0.5ml7Chromogen Solution A6ml2Standard diluent3ml8Chromogen Solution B6ml3Microelisa Stripplate12w×8s9Stop Solution6ml4Str- HRP-Conjugate Reagent6ml10Instruction1530×wash solution20ml11Closure plate membrane26Biotin-PDGF Ab1ml12Sealed bags1
Materials required but not supplied
1. 37 ℃incubator 2.Standard Enzyme reader3. Precisionpipettes and Disposable pipette tips 4. Distilled water5. Disposabletubes for sample dilution 6.Absorbent paper【Important Notes】1. Beeningtaken out from the 2-8℃ environment, the kit should be balanced 30 minutes inthe ambient temperature then use. If the Coated plates of Enzyme haven’t beenused up after opened, the remaining plates should be stored in Sealed bag.2. For eachstep, add Sample with sample injector which should be calibrated frequently, inorder to avoid unnecessary experimental tolerance.3. heoperation shall be carried out accordance to the instructions strictly. Andtest results must be based on the readings of the Enzyme reader.4. In order to avoid cross-contamination, it isforbidden to re-use the suction head and seal plate membrane in your hands.5. Allsamples, washing buffer and each kind of reject should according to infectivematerial process.6. The idleagents shall be put up or covered. Do not use reagent with different batches.And use them before expired date.7. Thesubstrate B is light-sensitive. Prolonged exposure to light is forbidden.
Washing method
Manually washing method:shake awaythe remain liquid in the enzyme plates; place some bibulous papers on thetest-bed, and flap the plates on the upside down strongly. Inject at least0.35ml after-dilution washing solution into the well, and marinate 1~2 minutes.Repeat this process according to your requirements.Automatic washing method:if there isautomatic washing machine, it should only be used in the test when you arequite familiar with its function and performance.【Precision】Intra-assay Precision(Precision within an assay): 3 samples with low, middle and high level Human PDGFwere tested 20 times on one plate, respectively. Inter-assay Precision(Precision between assays): 3 samples with low, middle and high level Human PDGFwere tested on 3 different plates, 8 replicates in each plate. CV(%) = SD/meanX100Intra-Assay:CV<10% Inter-Assay: CV<12%【Specimen requirements】1. Can’tdetect the sample which contain NaN3, because NaN3 inhibits HRP active.2. extract assoon as possible after Specimen collection,and according to the relevantliterature, and should be experiment as soon as possible after the extraction.If it can’t, specimen can be kept in -20 ℃ to preserve, Avoid repeatedfreeze-thaw cycles.3. serum-coagulation at room temperature 10-20 mins,centrifugation 20-min atthe speed of 2000-3000 r.p.m. remove supernatant, If precipitation appeared,Centrifugal again.4.plasma-usesuited EDTA or citrate plasma as an anticoagulant,mix 10-20 mins,centrifugation 20-min at the speed of 2000-3000 r.p.m. remove supernatant, Ifprecipitation appeared, Centrifugal again.5.Urine-collect sue a sterile container, centrifugation 20-min at the speed of2000-3000 r.p.m. remove supernatant, If precipitation appeared, Centrifugalagain. The Operation ofHydrothorax and cerebrospinal fluid Reference to it.6.cell culturesupernatant-detect secretory components, collect sue a sterile container,centrifugation 20-min at the speed of 2000-3000 r.p.m. removesupernatant,detect the composition of cells, Dilut cell suspension with PBS(PH7.2-7.4), Cellconcentration reached 1 million / ml, repeated freeze-thaw cycles, damage cellsand release of intracellular components, centrifugation 20-min at the speed of2000-3000 r.p.m. remove supernatant, If precipitation appeared, Centrifugalagain.7.Tissuesamples- After cutting samples, check the weight,add PBS(PH7.2-7.4), Rapidly frozenwith liquid nitrogen, maintain samples at 2-8℃ after melting,add PBS(PH7.4), Homogenizedby hand or Grinders, centrifugation 20-min at the speed of 2000-3000 r.p.m.remove supernatant.

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